Xenon, Halogen or LED, Which is the Best H1 Bulb for Aftermarket?

Best Car Light Bulb

In recent years thousands of people have asked us for information and recommendations on H1 bulbs. During this time, we have helped all these people to choose the best H1 bulb that suits their specific needs.

We make a study of the first necessary features that make H1 bulbs stand out, such as power, heat temperature, type of protection, easy use, size, among many other features.

In today’s post, our team will give you some ideas to choose the best H1 bulb for your car.

Shopping Guide for H1 bulbs

We know that no matter how old the car is if you take care of it well, the car still can run for you. So it does not matter if your vehicle is the latest model or a genuinely classic car, the important thing is car care. To keep our car in the best condition, we should replace broken parts and make periodic maintenance to ensure everything is in order.

Now we can’t say that some parts are more critical than others for good machines, every element designed with a specific and fundamental function.

Today, we want to focus on a single auto part because it deserves your attention; it is the front headlight of your vehicle. Car headlight illuminates the roads for you at night. Without it, you lose visibility and can’t move at night, so we all know headlight is one of the essential parts in the vehicle. And there is a wide variety of headlight bulbs on the market. You can choose any one of them to upgrade your car headlight. But first of all, you must have some knowledge about which one is the best, from the classic and reliable halogen bulb to the new LED technology.

Best Car Light Bulb

Xenon Bulb

Although xenon bulbs are fashionable and super bright. But we don’t suggest it to install a xenon bulb. Because xenon bulb will produce glare light on-road and dazzle the opposite drivers. To focus the glaring light, you need to retrofit the headlight housing and install a bi-xenon projector on the headlight; it is quite challenging to do by yourself. Retrofitting cost is high and not recommended.

Halogen Bulb

If you are looking for the slightest adjustments to upgrade headlight, the halogen bulb is the simplest one. They are a mature product in the market and compatible with all kinds of car models.

These bulbs have a system similar to incandescent. The difference is that the halogen bulb has the filament inside and surrounded by halogen gas, while a vacuum surrounds incandescent.

in this way, it can prolong its lifetime and increase its light emission, to offer a better view in dark places or with low lighting.

Led Bulb

Now the LED bulb also can be fastly installed in a car. But because they are a newer product, they are not capable of all the vehicles on the market. If the led car light supplier doesn’t tell you that their bulb can fit in your car, you need to figure it out by yourself.

H1 Led bulb is better; they are compatible with a large number of headlights. When installing it, you can follow the same instruction to replace a halogen headlight bulb.

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