Why do LED Bulbs Burn Out in a Car?

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are modern equipment that has appeared on the domestic market relatively recently. Shortly, LED bulbs for cars will have to replace conventional halogen ones.
LED light bulbs are quite expensive. But at the same time, they usually serve much longer than simple incandescent bulbs. LED equipment is quite reliable. But unfortunately, sometimes, it still happens that the LED light bulb starts to blink or even completely fails.
To begin with, the replacement of bulbs with LEDs formally regarded as interference with the design of the car. To drive such a car further, you will first have to obtain a certificate of safe operation of the car. It is very difficult to do this.

LED Bulbs

Why do LED bulbs burn out?

This reason is temperature. Diode crystals are designed specifically for the temperature regime they need. If it exceeded, then the crystal degrades very quickly, its service life reduced many times, if not tens of times.
Strictly defined current. LEDs powered by a strictly defined current, which is indicated by the manufacturer; it is possible to supply less – but not more — otherwise, very fast degradation again, a strong warm-up and failure.
Strictly defined voltage. The ideal is considered to be 12.0V, which is almost ideal when the car is standing and not working; however, even then, there is 12.5-12.7V unless, of course, your battery does not completely discharge. But after start-up, the generator starts to work, giving out 14.2 – 15V, and this is so for a minute, almost 20% more than the LED needs. At this time, if the led bulb too much heat that IC control driver can’t stand, the bulb will burn out. This problem often appears on some small size led bulb, like 912 led bulb.

One possible reason to make the led bulb burn out is, the bulb put in a tiny and confined bulb, the heat of the LEDs can’t dissipate well. While the led bulb remains on working for a long time, it will burn out. T10 led bulb in license plate light is in this condition.

Many manufacturers already produce LED bulbs in headlights, but it is better to opt for time-tested ones. You should not save and buy cheap fakes; it’s better to buy a high-quality bulb from a worthy manufacturer, which guarantees a bright glow and a long service life.
It is important to remember when choosing light sources that they should be provided for by the standard design of the car. Otherwise, the driver will punish it, as this action is considered an administrative offense. If, however, changes are required to install ice bulbs in a car’s design, then after making them to the vehicle, it is mandatory to pass a safety check and obtain a certificate.

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