Should I Change Dodge Ram 9004 Headlight Bulbs to LEDs?

Change Dodge Ram Headlight Bulbs to LEDs

LED headlights are becoming increasingly popular. Some luxury vehicles from BMW, Audi, or Mercedes have equipped led headlights. Therefore, many car owners would like to replace their car headlight bulbs to LED headlight bulbs for a better appearance and visibility on the road. An advantage of LEDs is that they are not only more durable but also produce less heat. Besides, they bring significantly more light on the road compared to conventional headlight bulbs (halogen bulb).

Meanwhile, LED bulbs are not only used in low beam and high beam headlights but also used in taillights and turn signals. The most significant advantage over halogen bulbs is the long lifespan: the Led bulbs can work for thousands of hours. A led headlight bulb can last for years.

Also, in the color temperature, LEDs can produce different lighting colors arrange from 1000K to 10000K. It is similar to xenon light, which gives various color options to the user. If they want to be different on the road, these light bulb is right to them. 6000K Led light is pure white, while 4700K led light is the same as the sunlight.

If you want to swap your Dodge Ram headlight bulb to 9004 led bulb, we recommend you to make sure that the LED bulbs are street legal as a low-beam headlight before you buy. Besides, the Led headlight after installation must not be carried out by the customer, and this must be carried out in a motor vehicle workshop, as the headlight adjustment must check after installation.

 Change Dodge Ram Headlight Bulbs to LEDs

Advantages and disadvantages of halogen bulbs compared to LED bulbs,


greater luminosity

fully licensed for road traffic

Installation does not have to do in the workshop


shorter life

mixed color temperatures

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