How to Install 9006 Led Bulbs Correctly?

How to Install Led Bulbs Correctly

9006 Led bulb is a single beam light bulb that can use in low beam or high beam headlight. The replacement of 9006 led bulbs are different and depending on the vehicle model, but the sequence of the handles and work steps is similar. For vehicles made after 2006, the replacement of the headlight bulb is relatively simple and could finish in a few steps without any special tools. For older cars, the motorists have to accept a more significant preparation effort.

Before replacing the 9006 bulbs, please ensure that the car is level with the ground and secured by applying the parking brake. When removing the 9006 bulbs from the package, please make sure that the led chips on the bulb body won’t touch with bare fingers. The greasy film of the skin can affect the led chip and shorten the life of the 9006 led bulb. Most drivers will change the dipped-beam headlight bulbs as these bulbs burn out faster due to more frequent use. The first step consists of locating the bulb holder. This component has a waterproof cap which that can remove after unlocking the holder. The type of locking depends on the vehicle model. Once the cap has withdrawn, the power plug can withdraw from the base of the halogen bulb. A metal strap holds the 9006 bulbs in position. After unlatching, the blown or already degraded halogen lamp can remove from the headlight socket. Then the new 9006 bulbs can be inserted and secured with the metal bracket.

How to Install Led Bulbs Correctly

Tips for increasing the durability of led headlight bulbs

When it comes to vehicle lighting, many car drivers will think about the expense first. And car headlight bulbs power by electricity, which ultimately reflected in fuel consumption.

To prevent increased wear and premature failure of the 9006 bulbs, we should not use continuous switching headlights in a short time. So we advise you to start the low beam headlight on routes with short successive underpasses.

Besides, if you want your car headlight lasting for longer, you should not buy some cheap quality led headlight bulbs from eBay or local retailers. A 3 or 5 years warranty must include. Vehicle lighting has a significant impact on the safety of all road users. Therefore, motorists should invest a few dollars more if they can expect high quality led headlight lighting.

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