How to Find the Best H13 Led Bulb in 2019?

How to Find the Best Led Bulb

The car is still one of the most popular means of transportation on our roads. To ensure that the journey not only progresses quickly but is also safe, efficient headlights are essential. H13 led bulbs are used on high low beam headlight. Some H13 bulbs focus on particularly high-performance lighting. They provide a lot of brightness on the road but have a limited lifespan. In contrast, some h13 bulbs are not optimized for particularly bright light, but for long service life. The durable models ensure lower running costs.

How to Find the Best Led Bulb

Durable or Extra Bright

Philips ‘H13 bulbs, Osram’s H13 bulbs, and all other brand manufacturers’ H13 bulbs are designed for extra long life. They have up to 1,000 operating hours.

The second type of H13 bulbs is designed for particularly high luminosity. Even these so-called performance bulbs are H13 bulbs with 12 volts.

A particularly high light output is achieved in bulbs, which oppose the current to high electrical resistance. The high resistance causes an equally high working temperature, which in turn has a negative effect on the life of the bulb. The higher the working temperature, the higher the luminous efficacy and the shorter the lifetime.

All H13 bulbs are designed for 12 volts operating voltage and thus compatible with the on-board voltage of all cars.

How to Find the Best Led Bulb

How much Lumen does an H13 Bulb Have?

The modern H13 led bulbs to bring it to a significantly higher light output than the models of the past. Normally an H13 led bulb can produce 4000 lumens at 20 watts. Some high-performance H13 led bulb could produce over 6000 lumens at 40 Watt but they are too hot while working, which is not safe actually as an aftermarket replacement bulb.

Incidentally, if one of the car headlight bulbs fails, you should change the bulbs on both sides at the same time. Because the light beam is produced by two headlight bulb, if one of them fails, the light beam will have a problem and cause dark spot in some area, which would cause blind spot while driving and is possible to cause accident finally.

Among the H13 bulbs, the Bluelight models h13 bulb provide the distinctive xenon look. these Bluelight h13 bulb has up to 8,500 degrees Kelvin temperatures. But 8500K light has is the shortest range on illuminating. It is not good to use in the car.

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