How to Choose Led Fog Lights?

Led Fog Lights

It is recommended to buy LED bulbs for the car lights. This type of bulb is an alternative to halogen lighting. Some manufacturers specialize in the manufacture of ready-made diode headlights, which provide radiator cooling.

For LED car bulbs, two voltages are characteristic:

  • 12 W – for cars;
  • 24 W – for trucks.

Since there are power surges in the power supply at which the LED bulb quickly burns out, a driver installed in the optics. With its help, the current stabilized. Due to the driver, the LEDs for the car become a universal lighting solution. Such car bulbs come in 12 volts and 24 volts.

Led Fog Lights

Refinement LED Fog Lights

Halogens used in fog lights have a base H8 or H11. Is it possible to replace them with LEDs? When finalizing a car, drivers often replace halogens with LEDs. This replacement does not affect the ride quality so that you can choose H8 LED bulbs with a nominal brightness of 900 Lm.

Since the road inspectorate does not permit the bulbs in question, drivers place a yellow cap on the diode. This technology allows the flow to be similar to the color of the halogen. It is to get the perfect focus, so the flashlight used as a daytime running light. DRL verification is carried out on a sunny day. At the same time, a distance of 100 m must observe. A diode is connected to the fog lights, taking into account the rules described above.

Frequently used LEDs include 1156 led bulb. Their brightness ranges from 100-500 Lm. The limit of the rated power is 5-12 watt, and the brightness is 500 Lm. Experts do not recommend installing superpower 1157 led bulb since they quickly flicker and burn out. This reason is due to the presence of halogens, a plastic base, and trompe l’oeil.

The last element equipped with a resistor, the resistor loads the electrical network. In such cases, it is recommended to install an external blende separately. It will locate at a certain distance from the LEDs. LED bulbs of 12 volts for cars, used for parking lights, can have a different base. The marker light can equip with a diode with a base BA9S. Specialists distinguish such elements by the number of LEDs and their configuration to prevent overheating the crystals, the flashlight equipped with a current stabilizer.

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