5 Tips for Choosing Led Headlight Bulbs

Led Headlight Bulbs

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular use in a car in these years because of the good brightness and optic on the road. To make the right choice, you first need to familiarize yourself with the features and construction of car headlights.
The distribution of the light beam depends on the location of the light source in the structure. If the distribution is incorrect, which occurs in low-quality cheap samples, the oncoming flow is blinded, which is unacceptable.
Therefore, one of the main design features of non-standard automotive LED bulbs is the correct location of the light source, strictly at the same points as the standard halogen ones. Otherwise, the head bulb becomes unacceptable for use.
The light source in any LED bulb for a car is the LED itself – the main structural element. It depends on the power and brightness of the bulb.

Led Headlight Bulbs
LEDs vary in shape: there are square, rectangular, and round patterns, as well as in size.
Each LED has its luminous flux value, measured in lumens (lm). To achieve the set brightness parameters, several LEDs can use.
The lumen and power of the bulb depending on the shape, the led bulb dimensions and number of LED chips.
For the LED to work, a special microcircuit used, a driver that heats up during operation. The design necessarily includes a cooling system. She may be:
Passive – is a flexible radiator, consisting of many fins resembling a “beam.” This option is suitable for designs with a small driver.
Active – is a special fan built into the design. It used for more powerful options with a large driver that is very hot during operation, for which a passive system is not enough. Such a cooling system significantly increases the dimensions and power of the bulb.

Led Headlight Bulbs

How to Choose Led Headlight Bulbs?

When buying 9007 led headlight bulb for cars, you should follow the tips below:

1, LED arrangement. The location of the elements should repeat as much as possible the filament in a conventional bulb. Such options give the correct distribution of light, and, as a result, good visibility and safety for oncoming cars. You can even evaluate the location of the LEDs by eye. To do this, you need to take a diode bulb and an ordinary sample, and then compare them, looking at the clearance.

2. Sample size. Many samples of 9007 diode models have much larger dimensions than the classic halogen version. Such options may not fit in the headlight, and then you will have to make special holes in the lid or buy an enlarged head bulb cover. It is better to avoid such unnecessary, painstaking work, unnecessary expenses, and choose a bulb of the appropriate size.

3. The amount of luminous flux. Follow manufacturer recommended values. Since insufficient light will not give proper visibility, but too strong will interfere with oncoming motorists.

4, Color. Today you can meet a cold or warm, bright white light. Color with blue, blue, and lilac shades. The light that resembles the sun is most comfortable for the human eye, so it is better to choose white daylight (warm) light. It is with this shade that a person sees surrounding objects as clearly as possible.

5, Brand of the bulb. Choose better models from well-known proven manufacturers of the middle price category or premium.


Finally, you should remember that a good quality product is never cheap. When you buy some 30-40 dollars led headlights from Amazon, and you can’t expect them to have the same performance and optic to Philips X-Treme Ultinon Led headlight.

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