4 Tips Helping You On Buying H4 Bulbs to Your Car

Buying Bulbs to Your Car

Car headlight is of much importance. A 2019 report shows that 50% of car accidents caused by poor visibility. So how long should you change your car headlight? If your car came with a halogen headlight, you should change the headlight bulbs every two years. But it depends on whether you often drive at night. If you seldom go outside at night, you can change the headlight bulb every 4-5 years. When swapping the headlight bulb, it is the question of how to select the h4 bulbs? Here I will give you some tips for helping you buy the right h4 bulb.


Which H4 Bulb is Best?

In any case, the expensive lamps of the top dogs Osram and Philips – once again – deliver the best light. Only: Lifetime records do not achieve this. It’s like everywhere else: Highest performance and maximum durability can not combine. Those who value it waives better on a few meters range and takes one of the Longlife variants. Osram even grants up to four years’ warranty on the H4 Ultra Life lamp after registration on the Osram homepage.

Buying Bulbs to Your Car

How About LED H4 Bulb?

Only LEDs last longer, but their use instead of halogen lamps do not permit under EU law. For a good reason, as the illegal Tripcraft LED shows. Anyone who installs them is guaranteed to be stopped by the police. Because things can get only high beam and dazzle, therefore, besides, they are much longer than an H4 lamp; with most headlamps, the lid on the back can not mount anymore. Result: Dust and water get into the headlight housing. Even more dangerous at this point is the Headlamp: Marked as a standard 55/60-watt bulb, they put a bulb with over 90 watts and developed a temperature that would heat the entire headlight. What about the liability? Good question. Frequently, webshops selling such lamps disappear faster than the customer can spell “complaint.” But the accessory store is no guarantee of quality.


Stay away from cheap H4 bulbs

Many customers ask for a low cost, so they get a cheap H4 bulb. They don’t care about the light beam because it has no light beam on the street. The filament sits somewhere in nowhere. For the right h4 bulb, it requires dimension and position that is set to a tenth of a millimeter so that they are precisely in the right place in the headlamp and this brings the light optimally on the road. That does not create any of the no-name lamps, correspondingly little points they get in the subject “geometry.” Here is also the problem of ATU lamps: one shines quite passable, the other underground. On average, it is only enough for a “poor.” The cause is the poor production quality, which does not meet tight tolerances. Striking: Only three products in the test legally create a range of over 100 meters. This is also attributable to the test headlight.


These Things You Should Keep in Mind

Headlamps are high-tech, requiring extreme precision in their manufacture. But only a few works can deliver. Asian junkies do not belong in this league. However, the perfect lamp does not help if mistakes made during installation. The most important rule: Always change the headlight bulbs in pairs. The good ones dare so carefully crafted that they are close to each other during their lifetime. If one breaks, the other often follows a little later. Annoying, if then again to change the half car must be disassembled. By the way, if you do not want to become a blender, check the headlamp setting after changing the lamp. Tip for long journeys: place a replacement in the glove box, so you can change yourself in case of breakdown – before you are in the dark at night.

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